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3 questions regarding academic assistance



Q. 我有些基礎課程需要加強,學校可以幫忙嗎?

A: 在基本學科方面,例如中文、英文、微積分、普通物理、普通化學、生物、立國精神與憲法等科目,僑輔組在開學二週內接受同學申請,達到6人即可邀請授課老師開班,這些課程不算學分需要課餘時間上課。在專業科目方面,可以向所屬學系導師或系主任反應,尋求協助。

Q. How do I get help with some basic courses from the School?

A: For basic courses, such as Chinese, English, Calculus, General Physics, General Chemistry, Biology, Nation Spirit and Constitution, Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section accepts application within 2 weeks after the first day of school. An instructor would be invited to provide the course when more than 6 students apply for the course. These courses are not courses with credits. You have to take these courses in your spare time. As for professional courses, you can seek for help from the mentor or chairperson of your department.



Q. 我要如何申請基礎課程課後輔導班?  

A: 大一新生註冊報到二週內,可以到生僑組網頁下載基礎學科課後輔導班申請書填寫送生僑組,每人最多可以申請四個科目,只要單一科目申請人數超過6人以上,僑輔組就會依據同學意願聘請相關授課老師開課。

Q.How do I apply for the after-class assistance for basic courses?

A: two weeks after the freshmen register, they can download and submit Application Form for After-Class Assistance for Basic Courses at Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section. Each student can apply for four subjects at most. As long as more than 6 students apply for the subject, Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section will invite a teacher of related field to provide a course according to the applicants’intention.



Q. 我是大一新生,學校有些課程在僑居地高中沒有選修,銜接不上,學校課後輔導班又沒開成,要如何補救?

A: 果基礎學科課程單一科目申請人數未達6人以上或找不到授課老師開課,生僑組將依據學生需求招募學長姐給予特別需要的新生個別輔導,如果是專業課程請逕向學系請求協助。

Q. I am a freshman. I didn’t take some of the courses when I studied in the senior high school in my country, but the School does not offer after-class assistance with related subjects, how do I help myself 

A: For application for basic courses by less than 6 students or when no teacher is available, Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section will recruit school sisters or brothers to provide special individual assistance for those in need. For professional courses, please seek help from the department directly.