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3 questions regarding part-time jobs







QDo overseas Chinese students have a lot of chances to work part time at school?

ANYMU takes care of overseas Chinese students a lot. Basically, each unit will hire

      overseas Chinese students for part-time jobs in priority. Therefore, overseas Chinese

      students have a lot of chances to work part time at school. Besides, Overseas

      Community Affairs Council also subsidizes NYMU with fixed quotas of part-time

      jobs every year. Please download Application Form for Overseas Community Affairs

      Council Subsidizing Part-Time Jobs for Low-Income Students online at the website

      of Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section. Basically, overseas Chinese

      students with low income will be hired in priority.




QCan overseas Chinese students work part time off campus?

AYes. But they can work 20 hours at most every week during semesters whereas

      the working hours are not limited during winter and summer vacation.

Q:工作證如何申請? 應準備什麼資料?






QHow do I apply for Working Permit?

AWorking Permit is issued by Workforce Development Agency. Please download Working

       Permit Application Form online at the website of Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section,

       NYMU. Submit the Form along with Certificate of Enrollment, a photocopy of the passport, and

       receipt of the postal remittance of NT$100 to Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section to

       have it ratified and stamped. Then you can apply for Working Permit at Workforce Development

       Agency. Or, you can make online application at the website of Application for Working Permit

       for Foreign Professionals. (