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4 questions regarding scholarship


Q:  研究所僑生有獎學金可以申請?

A:   本校設有研究所優秀僑生獎學金,原則上全校研究所僑生5名以上每5名就有1個獎學金名額,每學期申請一次,可以到生僑組網頁表格下載處下載研究所優秀僑生獎學金申請表格,獲獎同學每名可獲得6個月每月10000元的獎學金。

Q:  What scholarship is available for overseas Chinese graduate students?  

A:  NYMU provides Scholarship for Excellent Overseas Chinese Graduate Students. In principle, NYMU has the quota for one student for every five   overseas Chinese graduate students. The application can be made every semester. Please download Application Form for Scholarship for  Excellent Overseas Chinese Graduate Students online at Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section. The winner will receive NT$10000 every month for six months.


Q:   生有哪些獎學金可以申請?哪裡可以知道訊息?

A:   大學部僑生獎學金:種類繁複,每一種的名額、獎學金數額、申請資格不一,例如學行優良獎學金、海華獎學金、華僑捐贈獎學金等等,只要多注意僑輔組的公告,有符合條件的就憑成績單在申請期限內填寫申請表即可。

Q:  How do I know what scholarship is available for overseas Chinese students?

A:  There are various kinds of scholarships for overseas Chinese students in BA programs with a variety of quotas, amount, and eligibility. For example, Scholarships for Overseas Chinese Students with Outstanding Academic and Conduct Performance, Scholarships of Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation, and Scholarships Donated by Overseas Chinese, etc.  You can pay more attention to the announcement made by Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section at its website. As long as you are eligible, you can make application by submitting the application form with your transcript before the deadline.


Q:   我家境清寒,是否有助學金可以申請?

A:   教育部補助的清寒僑生助學金,由教育部核定名額,每學年申請一次申請期限每年105日前,可以到生僑組網頁表格下載處下載清寒助學金申請表格,每人每月約3000元,須準備清寒證明書才可以申請。

Q:  Are there grants for students of low- income status?

A:  MOE Subsidizing Grants for Low-Income Overseas Chinese Students can be applied every year before October The quota is ratified by MOE. Please download Application Form for Grants for Low-Income Students online at Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section website to make application with Certificate of Low-Income Status. The ratified applicant will receive about NT$3000 a month.


Q:   僑生可以辦理助學貸款嗎?

A:   父親或母親在台設有戶籍之僑生,方能辦理助學貸款。

Q:  Can an overseas Chinese student apply for student loan?

A:   Only overseas Chinese students whose father or mother having household registration in Taiwan can apply for student loan.