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3 questions regarding employment assistance


Q: 持外僑居留證之僑生畢業或因故離校後,可留台多久?能申請延期嗎?

A: 依規定僑生畢業、退學或休學,未在一年內繼續就學者,中止僑生身份。僑生畢業後辦理個人事務需要, 原則上均依據需要給予延長居留期限,上學期畢業離校者最多延至330日止,下學期畢業離校者最多延至930日止。此段期間非供畢業僑生在台工作,違規者即為非法工作,將被處罰,並限令出境。

QAfter the overseas Chinese student with an ARC graduates or leaves school for some reasons, how long can the student stay in Taiwan? Can an extension be made?

A:  According to the regulations, an overseas Chinese student will lose his (her) status as a student within a year after (s)he graduates, withdraws, dismisses from school without resuming studies. For the needs for handling personal business, after the overseas Chinese student graduates from school, in principle, the extension for residency will be approved according to needs. Those graduating in the first semester can make extension to March 30 the latest while those graduating in the second semester can make extension to September 30 to the latest. The graduate cannot work in Taiwan in the meantime. Otherwise, (s)he will be regarded as working illegally and will be punished and deported.


Q: 持國民身分證之僑生因故離校或畢業後,可留台多久?

A: 畢業僑生原應返回僑居地,惟領有身分證者,表示在台有戶籍,所以不受限制,男生在畢業後留台滿一年有服兵役的義務。  

Q: How long can an overseas Chinese student with R.O.C. ID stay in Taiwan after graduating or leaving school for some reasons?

A: After graduating from school, the overseas Chinese student should return to his (her) country. Yet if (s)he is a R.O.C. ID holder, it means (s)he has made household registration in Taiwan. Therefore, her (his) stay in Taiwan is not restricted. The male student has the obligation of military service after graduating and staying in Taiwan for a full year.


Q: 畢業僑生可申請創業融資貸款?




Q: Can an oversea Chinese graduate apply for Business Start-up Loan?


1. In order to help overseas Chinese graduates and students graduating from (completing) Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program financially for starting up their business, Overseas Community Affairs Council asks Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund to offer Business Start-Up Loan application services and makes Regulations Governing Business Starting-up Loans Credit Guarantee Funds for Overseas Chinese Graduates and Students Graduating from (Completing) Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program, offering the maximum of US$100,000 loans.

2. Overseas Chinese students graduating from Taiwan recognized by Overseas Community Affairs Council or students graduating from (completing) Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program can make application at the financial facilities contracted with the Fund when they need financial support for starting up a profit-seeking enterprise, turnover, or purchasing fixed assets and machines for their business as long as the application meets the Regulations.